Cahill Associates' mission is to help make entrepreneurial companies more successful by assisting them through the typical growth phases of startup, survival, liquidity and takeoff.  One firm, one source of advice on just about any issue challenging a small, closely held company.  From strategic business planning to tactical budgeting, from personnel acquisition to capital acquisition, from building a team to building space, from family involvement to succession planning, from financial reviews to performance reviews, from giving raises to just plain giving, Cahill Associates can assist you with problem identification, prioritization and resolution ... whatever the confronting issue is.
... Or we can just be there to listen and react.
One of Cahill Associates forte┤s is conducting a strategic planning and implementation process coined "SWOTAct".  If you want help with the question  "How do I go about identifying the key issues which, when addressed, will take our business to the next level?",  then SWOTActtm may be something you want to consider.
Contact us today for the expertise you need to resolve today's problems and tomorrow's unforeseen challenges.  Help is just an email or a phone call away.
As a small/family business owner have you ever found yourself wishing you could get top notch advice from a "been there, done that" unbiased outsider?
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